Monday, June 2, 2008

diY InNovaTioN beHinD ThE sCenEs

Ever since I started this business, I’ve always believed that what goes into things behind the scenes should be as playful and unpredictable as what takes place in front of the camera. The production is just as much an art as the projects themselves. And, what I’ve witnessed inside our studio walls over the past few weeks has been creative, do-it-yourself production innovation at its’ finest! We’re in the midst of shooting and everyone has been working hard at experimenting with new things on the production side. So much so that I now know what other people are thinking when I’m trying to explain a quirky project I’m working on…(you know…those ideas that are so very clear and cool in our heads, but when we try to explain them, everyone gazes at you with that perplexed, confused look. Basically, they need to see it to get what you’re talking about). That’s pretty much where my head is when the guys are babbling on and on about how this contraption is going to do this or that, or if we rig it up like this, it’ll do this…I just nod my head in excitement and walk away wondering what the heck they were talking about! “I’m sure it’ll be cool, but I don’t fully get it!” I too need to see things sometimes to understand how it’s all going to work, so it has been great fun seeing the team take their production concepts and ideas and bring them to life. They are doing just as much cutting, building and experimenting in pre-production as I am pulling together the projects. I love being surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to come up with new and different ways of doing things, and actually have the wherewithal to make the ideas happen. That is what it's all about my friends!
(sneak a peek below and enjoy a sweet tune by our friend Dick Prall from Authentic Records titled "The Cornflake Song")
Cheers to fearless innovation everywhere!


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