Thursday, July 17, 2008

kJjY aNd BaRneS & nObLe

I love doing radio interviews with people who you have really good banter with and my friends over at KJJY are just those people! A huge thanks to Eddie, Big John and Kourtney for letting me come visit and chat about what’s going on in our creative world these days! My days with Eddie and Big John go way (well, not too “way” or that would make us sound old, wouldn’t it?!) back to my FOX Kids Club days with KDSM and they are always gracious with their time and supportive of all that we have going on. (And, I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt that I always show up bearing gifts!) I set them up with new cuff bracelets that tout ‘listen up’ and some of the Jewelry DVD’s to give away, so hopefully they’ll wear them proudly and be inspired to make a few of their own.
We’ll be doing a similar song and dance this Saturday (July 19th from 1-3pm) at Barnes and Noble (university avenue, west des moines). I’m going to set up shop there for a couple of hours and demo some of the stuff from our DVD series and give away original pieces of work. I love to share ideas, and it’s fun getting to know all of the other creative souls out there, so if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by!

Good people always make for good times! Give those folks over at KJJY a listen when you get the chance. Hatfield and McCoy in the mornings is a fabulous start to any day!


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