Monday, August 4, 2008

ShoUt oUt FoR cEnTrAl IoWa aRtiSanS

"talent is always conscious of its' own abundance and does not object to sharing"...unknown
Simply Michele, Inc. (Van Meter, Iowa) is looking for quirky artisans/creative individuals who love to share, for our Courage to Create Television Series, and by quirky we simply mean ‘original’, interesting personalities or lifestyles. We’re looking to feature people who absolutely love what they do creatively, and are fearless when it comes to experimenting and exploring mediums and techniques to deliver something unique. Accepting all creative mediums and ideas, be it food, paint, fabric, wood, metal…creativity comes in many shapes and forms and we want to see it all! We’re looking for artisans/creators who like to have fun, who like to teach and have fresh, creative ideas they’re excited to share.
The program dedicates two segments to the artisan that will consist of interview bites, tips and techniques they’ve discovered or learned and a project demonstration with yours truly. Shooting will take place where the artisan works, be it in their studio, their garage, basement or kitchen table.
Our focus is to always inspire, to motivate, and educate. Artisans can be doing their work professionally or simply for personal fun.
For this round, individuals must live in the Central Iowa area or be willing to travel to our studios at their own expense. Interested artisans should submit a brief 411 on who they are, what they do, and some visual support such as photos or a website.
To submit online, click here.
To e-mail direct:
By phone: 515.996.2600
By mail: Simply Michele, Inc, P.O. Box 259, Van Meter, Iowa 50261
We resume shooting in September, so get a move on!
Cheers to fresh ideas and fearless expression!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

I was delighted to spread the word about meeting you at Convenzenione in Pleasanton, California. Looking forward to the adventures ahead.


That Girl Ang said...

I would SO travel from the East Coast! But what would I show to bring? Hmmm!

courage to create said...

The more the merrier, my friend! Ponder over your most interesting stuff and give us a shout back.