Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ZNE convenZioNE 2008

We returned from this extraordinary event a couple of weeks ago and our feet hit the ground running with work commitments. There’s been projects galore, shoots and writing into the wee hours, so I’m just now getting the opportunity to chat about it. Creativity is powerful and when you combine that with an incredible community of creative people, pretty amazing things happen. That’s what ZNE is all about. There’s an inspiring backstory, a fearless leader who they call the ‘queen’ and an immense group of members who support one another in all their art efforts. They’re charitable and inspiring and I was proud to be asked to be a part of it all. Chelise Stroud put her heart and soul into the event and it showed. I attended a fun workshop by a gal after my own heart, Chrysti Hydek; met remarkable people and got to see a fabulous part of the country, Pleasanton, CA. I had the pleasure of meeting the inspiring artist and author, SARK; view an incredible documentary – 1000 Journals, listen to some great tunes by their resident musician Jon Troast (a.k.a. the guy who travels around the country and will provide you with a concert in your living room), and was even able to sneak in a nature fix with a quick visit to Muir Woods. I’m all about positive, empowering interaction and support, and it was refreshing to see a community of artisans delivering just that.
Congrats to ‘bonniebluedenim’ who won the $200 spending spree and thanks to everyone who checked out our blog to get registered. We’ll be offering up another chance to win for next year’s event.
Loud and Proud Cheers to ZNE. It was a genuine pleasure meeting all of you and I look forward to the next one.

I’ve posted a slideshow below set to a kickin’ tune from our friends at Authentic Records. It’s ‘Gypsy Queen’ by Jon Peter Lewis (I, of course had to select a ‘queen’ type song – it’s also one of the songs Chad and I jammed to as we tried to make our way around Pleasanton)
(for smooth playing, be sure to let it ‘buffer’ --- whatever that means…just make sure the gray bar is way ahead of the orange bar -- if your connection is slow, keep 'rewinding' until the gray bar gains some ground and it’ll play great!) how's that for techie-talk?!


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Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed meeting you - and hope to spend more time getting to know you!

I started putting pics up of the event on my flickr account, still have a bunch to add though!

Loved the slideshow!