Monday, January 12, 2009

reFashIOnEd SweAteRs TakE 2

....and the sweater tear down continues. So far, we've created a couple of smashing lid covers and now, with the remaining body of the sweater and some of the sleeves I am going to gather the material needed to create a couple of scarves! Place a straight edge on your sweater and cut out equal width strips making the most efficient use of your material. I have experimented with cutting at different directions on the knit and the results were almost identical. Your thinner, cotton sweaters will sometimes have a slight 'curl' to them once cut into strips and stitched together. Other knits will lay beautifully. Every knit is different and I say, play it up with the design, because in the end they all look great...only different!

Decide whether you want to create a full strip scarf or what I like to call the 'continuous loop' scarf, or if you have enough material...BOTH!!!

The continuous loop style is great because it always stays in place, no possibility of 'unwinding' while you're wearing. Stitch your pieces together (I stitch 'wrong sides' together with stitch exposed topside) and finish off your edges with either a serged stitch or a decorative hand stitch with heavier thread such as embroidery floss. Embellish 'til your heart's content with buttons, tassles, appliques, etc. Wear proudly, my friends!

(My daughter just kicked me off the sewing machine and said "I really, really, really, really need to sew something" off I go to tend to the little pile of sweater material that's left to create the remaining goodies...hmmmmm, what could they be?!

Cheers to thrifty, stylish, handmade wearables everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks so much like you! And it seems like she's taking after you in other ways!

Sandra Mort said...

I know this is 4 yrs old but she is so precious!!!