Monday, January 12, 2009

crEatiVe SouLs wHo sHarE AnD iNspIrE

My friend Chrysti Hydek is an inspiring figure who is working diligently on laying a creative path for all of you to enjoy and benefit from. A regular visit to her online hub is a must. Lately, she's been getting to the root of some of her most probing questions for people who are walking the walk of living creatively. I was her latest target and you can read all about it here (Day 16). She even gives you the opportunity to take away a little FREE creative goodness for your reading/visiting efforts! Enjoy!

cheers to creative souls everywhere!
.......positive interaction is what it's all about.



Arlene Mobley said...

Hi Michelle

I wanted to thank you for offering up such a yummy prize for Chrysti's 29 days of giving~~ day 16 give away. I won your prize pack and I can't wait to get it in my hands. Thanks for being so generous. The first dvd I am going to watch is the Courage to create with jewelry since I am currently making some charms.

Thanks again!

courage to create said...

You are most welcome Arlene! Take any of the ideas and make them your own. That's what it's all about!
Ideas, projects and creativity overall are wonderful things for everyone to share! Thanks for playing along and enjoy!
Cheers to a very creative year, my friend!