Monday, January 26, 2009

reFaShiOnEd SweAtErS taKe 3

An easy, no-brainer today! So far, we've created a couple of hats and a couple of scarves out of our has-been sweater and I still have quite a bit of material left in both sleeves that sit in front of 'bout a couple of cuff bracelets, my friends?!!

Clip off those cuffs, open them up, (unless you have a perfect fit right from the get go).

Finish off the edges with a decorative hand or machine stitch. Embellish in true individual style and then stitch closed. You want it to have a snug fit and since the material stretches....size accordingly! Very cool...and Very comfortable.

You gotta love a quickie.....wear one proudly and 'present' the other one to a very special friend!

Cheers to what remains of this bountiful or two more projects still to come!

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