Friday, January 9, 2009

reFasHioNeD SweAtErS TaKe 1

The sweater love fest begins with a couple of warm, wooly lid cover projects. You can start with a larger men's sweater so you have plenty of material to work with (The first few projects I share are all going to be made out of ONE sweater and in the end I believe you'll be able to creatively claim 7, that's right 7 revamped beauties), or of course you don't have to go for quantity and just work with a sweater you'd like to wear in new, unique ways!
You can work with cotton, wool, or blends. They are all just going to give you slightly different results. Main thing is that it's a well-constructed knit.
For this basic style stocking cap construction, you'll focus on the bottom of your sweater. Make sure you are using a sweater that has a decent band or enough pull that it will offer support at the base of your hat. Take a hat or two that you already have and like the fit of to use as your pattern. Create a pattern allowing for a 1/4" seam allowance all around. ***I'm a big advocate of sample runs, (when you have time) so before you cut into 'THEE' sweater, try one out of a 'junk' sweater to make sure you'll like the fit so you can make any adjustments to your pattern.***
Turn your sweater wrong-side out, making sure the bottom edges are lined up evenly. Place pattern along the bottom and cut. Stitch around outer edge. Turn right side out and wear proudly. Can embellish, if desired!
The deconstruction of the sweater continues next week, so check back!

Cheers to the sweater!


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Thank you sir! Cheers to Paul Fredrick and all it offers....we'll check it out!