Thursday, February 19, 2009

fUeL YouR GreAtNeSS

Did you know.....February is National Plant the Seed of Greatness month? What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, it's about awareness. If you are unhappy with how your life is going at the moment, this month has been set aside to sit-back and reflect on what you can do to improve your situation. Think about change during this month, and give your life a close examination, and find ways that you can improve it for the better. Plant some seeds for all the areas in your life, career, and long term goals. Greatness can be as simple as consistently exercising, learning a new skill like gardening or sewing, committing to a charitable cause, or pursuing continuing education. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and our friends at Nature Made® are currently seeking stories of everyday, individual greatness for their upcoming documentary: Fuel Your Greatness™. The Documentary. I have been asked to serve as an expert panelist along with fitness expert, Denise Austin; heart and emotion expert, Karen Salmansohn; and cognition and memory expert, Chester Santos to help select five finalists who will appear in the documentary. Now, I personally know every one of you out there has a story of greatness to share and I invite you to do so today. Visit by April 25 to submit your greatness!
Participants have a chance to win $1,000 (and who can't use a little extra cash these days?!) and to be featured in Fuel Your Greatness™. The Documentary.
Greatness is a GREAT thing to celebrate so take action on yours and spread it around, my friends


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