Friday, February 20, 2009

MoViE mAdNeSS aNd RaChAeL rAy

Today's the day. Our taping from last week hits the air already, and since those few minutes of my life are a bit of a blur, I nervously anticipate how it will play out. I think the blur comes from the fact that everything went by rather quickly. You know how when you show up somewhere to just do what you do and then you walk away going "did I do what I was supposed to do?" You know what I'm talking about..... All in all, it was great fun, Rachael and her team were awesome and I look forward to our next one.
A few fun facts from the experience:
• We cut up one of Rachael's favorite movie DVD's that she hadn't been able to find anywhere. "Son of Rambow". Hopefully, the art department was able to help her out with that and find a few more copies!
• They have a great set with the whole 'lazy susan' audience thingamajiggy!
• We were sporting similar fashion statements, so 'you know who' had to change!
• Their art department was knee deep in cornstarch...literally. A big, gooey delightful mess was getting stirred up in a swimming pool (yes, a swimming pool) on the other side of the set and thankfully it had nothing to do with the daily 'snack'. Gotta love the science guys!
• I really wanted Rachael to try soldering, but we were a little crunched for time and it didn't play out that way. Next time, Next time!
• Other than the corn starch experiment, I have no idea what else took place during that show.
• Did know it was oscar themed due to the projects they requested from me, which is funny, because anyone who knows me, knows they don't want me at their Oscar party. I will not have the foggiest on the who's, what's, where's of the big event and I'd be more interested if people showed up in dresses designed by their friends or local designers. I'm the furthest thing from a movie buff, shamefully...not because I don't like movies, mind you, it's just an activity I have never seemed to make time for and therefore, am not able to make much of a conversational contribution to. I look at it this way...when I do have the time, there will be SO MANY movies I have never seen before and can look forward to watching. Nonetheless, I'm glad she didn't ask me about any of the 'movies I created with'!
• Awesome hair and makeup gal. (Not used to that you know, it's do it yourself in every which way around here.........and I'm sure that shows on some days!:):)
• Listened to Rachael's husband's band, The Cringe's CD 'Tipping Point' in the hotel room (no, we didn't cut that one up)...good tunes!
• Had a fabulous time catching up with a girlfriend from high school who lives in the city and works for the Wall Street Journal.
• Interesting air travel....first flight which should've taken 50 minutes took 4 hours to reach destination with a lot of mid-air 'holding' and a flight attendant who shared with us that the captain was not feeling well....Why would she tell us that?...I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want to know that the pilot is 'under the weather' while we are in the air!....Got to start my journey home with the news of a tragic plane crash..I'm kind of a nervous flyer as it is, anymore...and some news is best not known. Always grateful when we safely land.

Since the projects were presented in pretty much a fun 'show and tell' manner, we've made the stepouts available for all of the projects HERE! Take any of the ideas and make them your own, my friends!

Cheers to all the Rachael Ray Fans out there...a lot of talented people work really hard on that show, so enjoy!

For a few more fun facts uncovered through a recent chat with Big Ken and Colleen of Star 102.5, Listen Here!

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