Tuesday, March 24, 2009

creAtiVe PlAy w. RachAeL rAy

I was fortunate enough to be asked back for another round of creative projects for the Rachael Ray Show and this time we celebrated spring (my favorite time of the year) diy style. They wanted to share a few expensive catalog finds and then show people how they can create their own versions for A LOT less. The cool things (I think) about the projects that I hope everyone walks away with are these:
1. Cement Mix is AWESOME to play around with and a $4.00 bag of mix can reap 6 or 7 great looking planters using nothing more than old plastic containers for your forms. The hardest part of this project is hauling home the 60lb bag of mix!

2. Using what Mother Nature so generously provides for us in your decorating is fun and CHEAP....I've built many wonderful things using nothing more than branches I've collected from my yard. Experiment with different building techniques or come up with a few of your own!

3. The backside of linoleum is a fabulous, inexpensive canvas to paint on. You can customize your own area rugs, placemats, tablecoverings and doormats for little $$$.

Shortly before we went on, they asked me to make sure I threw it to the video screen before and after each project and I think I was so focused on not forgetting to do that and getting the price points right, that I skimmed over a few of the things I was wanting to mention within the projects themselves. Like the fact that you need to let the cement mix completely cure (all moisture out) before applying your finishing products, and a great way to score inexpensive paint is to look for mistints or returns at paint stores and home improvement stores. I've bought quarts and gallons of high quality paints for as little as $1 - $3. There are more, but they always say that no one will ever know what you didn't tell them. The only problem with that is, that I do know, and man it drives me crazy! But you can't blame a girl for caring. That's what step outs are for: to fill in the blanks!

The biggest thing I neglected to mention at the end of the segment was "look to the catalogs for inspiration, but don't forget to inject your own style and personality into everything you do!"

Cheers to creative spring projects and a shout of thanks to the gang at the RR show for letting me play along again! Love it.


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