Thursday, May 28, 2009

thE crEaTiVe AbuNdaNCe of HomE

Weekend trips back home are relaxing and inspiring. Everyone is always doing something (which I know doesn't sound very relaxing, but with this kind of 'doing', it is), projects are always in the works, the laughs with family and friends are LOUD, and there are always interesting bits that make the return trip back to my own home, one that's filled with new materials, ideas and enthusiasm. During my last visit, we helped my dad install the new window boxes he welded for my mom....loved the little rebar trees he added to them! We got the area tilled up for our family/community garden that we're doing this year (which has since been planted, but more on that soon!) A bit concerned on the weeding efforts for one this size, but I guess that's where we'll see how the 'community' angle plays out!! :):) ha. I found some sweet log slices to haul home along with some other natural finds behind the cabin.

My aunt contributed to my wall of personality (AGAIN!) with one of the portraits she did in college..the hair is created out of image transfers that she did with magazines and lighter fluid...(gonna play around with the technique and will share the skinny on how to do it soon!) Just need to get it framed and will hang it proudly beside the others.

Captured some great snapshots of things that one only sees in small towns....gotta love a duck crossing!!

Witnessed my mom and dad's new kitchen coming together using a lot of life's leftovers....leftover flooring from one of our home projects, cabinets and countertops recycled from one of my brothers renovations, all creatively combined with the original cupboards. The construction team is doing a phenomenal job of making it all come together. Floor cupboards are now up high, some are turned on their side, some are being 'altered'....Nothing goes to waste! Very cool and I can't wait to see it all finished. My daughter Madeline thinks the visits are never long enough, and I'd have to agree....So much to see and do, it's hard to fit it all in over a two-day weekend! Having family only a few hours away is a wonderful thing!

Cheers to creative family fun!

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