Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a CoLoRfuL rEmiNdEr

To surround yourself with fresh flowers every day that you can!!!!!! Puts a bright spot in your day......GUARANTEED! Once the garden starts bloomin’ my flower jars are never sittin’ empty! They’re in every room of the house, at the office, in my studio…….I’ve even had to re-stock my supply of leftover jars! (which those closest to me find very hard to believe!) Converting their lids and filling them with flowers from the garden is one of my favorite summertime treats for myself and everyone around me. I LOVE it! I get to enjoy the blooms of my labor indoors while at the same time, the regular cuttings are keeping my plants outside, busy producing new flowering's one glorious cycle of enjoyment! I am constantly planting new things that I love to fill up my jars with each year and it saves me from ever having to go out and purchase cut flowers. Even if you're not burstin' with blooms in your yard..branches, hosta leaves and herbs are also wonderful things to arrange indoors. And, it's NEVER too late to start planting.
Click here to find out how to do up some of your own: Fill them with beautiful things from your garden and share with family and friends! Makes a very quick, easy, no cost, spur of the moment gift for anyone, anytime!
Mine have been full for several weeks now and will continue to be until the snow flies! I love making them, I love filling them, and I love sharing them!
I wish you the same!

Cheers to fresh cut flowers and all the joy they bring!

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