Monday, August 3, 2009

dO iT YouRSelF MaGaZinE

I've been having some creative fun with our backyard buddies at Meredith and the Do It Yourself Magazine lately. They shared our repurposed PVC ideas in their latest issue and today we had a ball shooting another round of handmade, repurposed goodies for their October issue. The PVC projects take me WAY back to the day I saw all this various sized pipe laying around on Jon's shop floor. The first projects I ever played around with were pieces of furniture...chairs, coffee tables, bars, outdoor cabanas(definitely the largest and most memorable)..etc. It was like indestructible tinker toys and I was so excited at the thought of being able to furnish an entire apartment using this one material. I later got into slicing and dicing the leftover bits to create jewelry, wreaths, frames, and trellises. I must say, the outdoor trellis is probably one of my favorites and about 4-5 years later, it's still standing proud in my yard...looking as good as it did the day I installed it. You gotta love a DIY project that has such longevity in how it wears, and a style you never tire of. Yes, they sometimes turn out that way!

Cheers to my friends at the Do It Yourself Magazine and their shared enthusiasm for a creative approach to doing things yourself! Pick up a copy today or check them out online.

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SGWH said...

How did you connect your PVC together? I am in DESPERATE need to block off our neighbors. Your idea is great and I would love to make this!