Thursday, August 20, 2009

kIDS oN ThE JoB!

School is back ON! I can re-claim those daytime hours with a bit more 'focus' now! Keeping family, work and play in a well tuned harmonic balance isn't easy. Heck, most days it isn't even possible, but we try our best, don't we?! For those of you who work at home or have your own business, you'll appreciate the efforts we make to keep our kids productively entertained while we work.

Madeline has been hanging with me in the shop since birth, and as she's gotten older, I've continued to make sure she has her own 'space' to work/play alongside me.
I have to run between two different studios now, so I've had to rig up a couple different setups for her. At the 408 studio, she has her own 'office', and at our home studio, she has her 'workbench' area.

Some days are more productive than others, but if there's one thing that's been consistent over the years, it's that she's a "MESSER"!

She gets EVERYTHING out, EVERYTIME, she mixes, stirs, glues, develops imaginative concoctions of this or that and of course has a hard time confining it to her own designated areas. (sawdust sweets are her specialty) She leaves her mark in a number of ways in a number of places, and thankfully, it blends right in with the type of work we do.

It's these little touches that I see throughout the day that keep things interesting, keep things carefree, and ultimately remind me that work should always be fun, and filled with a little adventure each day. Our work should always be the best we can make it no matter what the circumstances, and we too should be working to leave our own positive mark on someone, or something, in some way. The best part is, even with the most unexpected combinations, and the least favorable conditions, something can still grow, something great can still be created out of basically nothing.

(no idea what all she mixed in with that sawdust, but in a pitch dark back room, on a bone dry paper plate; there's growth...not sure what role the clamps are playing, but...nice touch!)

And to think, I thought she was learning all kinds of stuff from me this whole time....when actually, I've learned quite a few things from her over the years.

Cheers to letting your kids in on the job from time to time. Work is a good thing...let's show them that.



Jonam said...

its really fun. but it will shape up the kids

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