Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sTiTCh ThiS! @ ThE IoWa StAtE fAIr

Congrats to all who participated in the 4-H Stitch This! competition this past weekend at the fair! What a fun display of resourcefulness, teamwork and creativity. I was asked to help judge this new competition at the fair and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it. There were 13 teams and all of them were assigned the challenge of repurposing a wedding gown into another style of garment(s).

None of them knew what type of wedding dress they were going to have to work with until the competition started, so as you can expect, some of the teams' preconceived plans were immediately revised. It was very interesting to watch how each team approached their designs and executed their ideas. Some came into it with lengthy research and trial runs on their intended designs while others just figured it out as they went.

As much fun as it was to be a part of, it's always hard to 'judge' and select a winner. I wish there could have been a prize for them all. The Team that won (Pretty In Park - in photo below) will appear on one of our upcoming B. Organic episodes that is all about weddings. They'll get a chance to share their design and experiences in a segment that celebrates repurposing ideas for all that 'one and done' wedding attire!

Every one of them did a beautiful job of representing themselves and their skills, and they should be most proud! I do hope all of the garments that were made will get a little 'wear' at some point in the year!

Cheers to 4-H, and all the opportunities they provide for young people!

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