Friday, September 25, 2009


It's as simple, and as fun, as THAT. Really. Everyone gets so wrapped up in the perfect stroke, the just-so technique, well planned placement. Once in a while, let go of all that, relax, and try letting the paint just do what it does best. Because beauty also lies in the drips.
They're interesting.
They're acceptable.
They're addictive.
There's no such thing as a bad drip.

Let her drip...
...on your furniture
...on your clothing
...on your jewelry
...on your shoes
...on your belts
...on your bags
...on your walls
...on your paintings
...on your lamps

Play with the color combinations, the amount of paint, what you let it drip from, the consistency.......just. let her. drip.
and ENJOY!

Do it up today, my'll be glad you did.