Monday, November 2, 2009

drAw 'Em iN w. GLuE

Raise the bar with your designs and make things really pop by using GLUE. Glue is a simple way to add texture and design to furniture, artwork and whatever else your little heart desires. It's easy to control, and you really do have quite a few options.

HOT GLUE: There are different glues and different guns. Each offering up different flows, different thicknesses and different 'shades of glue'... (I like the ring of that ....different shades of glue)..
WOOD GLUE: For a deeper, golden look, wood glue is a fun one to use. It has a thinner consistency than the hot glue, so it won't be quite as raised up off the surface, but you can really create some interesting looks.
WHITE GLUE: This too has a thinner consistency, and will offer up a more translucent texture.
CAULK: For beefier textures, caulks are the ticket.
There are a lot of eco-friendly versions available in most types of adhesives and they too work beautifully. So the choices are many, and ultimately YOURS!

You can use your glues to draw, to create lettering and outlines, or to just add that little sumthin', sumthin' to your work. Use the containers and tips they come with or add them to other applicators. Leave them natural, or paint over them. I love the looks you can create, and I'm confident you'll have fun with it, too!

Cheers to drawing w. glue!

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