Thursday, November 12, 2009

hoLLoW CoRe cANvaSeS

Our friends from Meredith swung by our studio last week to snap some playful pics for their next issue of the Do It Yourself magazine and we shared our creative love for hollow core doors. I think they are an amazing surface to work on and they enable you to take your original artwork to a new level. You can score doors from home renovations; the Habitat for Humanity's ReStores are also amazing outlets...You can purchase an old bi-fold door for as little as $5...that is a LOT of canvas for very LITTLE money. You can also purchase them new at any home improvement store, and even new they're very inexpensive.
They can be used in their entirety for a 'grand' impression, or you can easily cut them down into smaller canvases. The wood surface opens up a myriad of creative possibilities and mixed media techniques. We'll be sharing the how-to lowdown in a quick video and you'll be able to sneak a peek at their spread when the issue comes out in January. If you haven't had a chance to check out their magazine, look for it on stands...the winter issue is currently available and it's full of fun ideas. It's also put together by an amazing team of creative minds who love what they much so that they're even providing you with fresh DIY ideas on a daily basis with their Team DIY blog. Give 'em a visit and put some of the ideas to use in your own creative way.

Cheers to sharing ideas in colorful ways!

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