Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It'S a WonDERfuL wORk SuRFaCE!

It's no secret that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the random beauty that happens on a work surface. The patterns, textures and color combinations are unexpected and unplanned.  They're the kind of designs that are very difficult to recreate.  I know not everyone appreciates this source of 'beauty', but I get so much inspiration and actual reusable material that can go into other projects that I always give special thought to my work surfaces so that I'm PREPARED to capture what randomly happens.  It's like having another project 'in motion' with a life all its' own, as my attentions are focused elsewhere.  

One of the materials I like to use is a roll of masking paper.   It comes in different widths...I like the 12 inch.  It's inexpensive and readily available at any home improvement store.  It's easy to store and easy to manage.   Just roll it out on your surface, tape to the underside and get to work. The brown paper is designed to protect your surfaces from water based products. The green paper goes a step further and will also protect from solvent based mediums. 

It also serves as a sketchbook...you can draw out designs, capture thoughts as they occur, work through measurements and patterns.  I like to have a roll of measuring masking tape nearby, just tape it to your masking paper and you have a VERY helpful measuring aid. 
When the creative party's over, I can then tear down the pieces I want to keep and use in other art applications like collage.  I save some of the drawings and insert into my actual sketchbooks.  I can use the randomly designed paper as wrapping paper -- it makes for very interesting, (authentically artsy) gift packages.  I can throw it in the compost bin -- (being conscientious of the 'breakdown' of certain topical materials.)  

May sound crazy, but it really excites my creative mind to see the scribbles, the spills, the marks that take place.....I get something new every time and I love the whole 'double duty' thing! 
Explore your creative side.....it makes for a wonderful life....it truly does! 


Anonymous said...

LOVE the gift wrapping,wish I was there to score one - though, I may never open it.

Where did you find that tape at? It's wicked cool.

Barb Smith said...

I'm with Chrysti...I must know where you found the awesome measuring tape uh, tape. LOL Do share, won't ya?
And now I have to have some masking paper for my work surface...who knows what might come from it?
Peace & Love,
Craft Therapy

Anonymous said...

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courage to create said...

Hello Ladies! Yes, the tape rocks! It's a specialty tape and unfortunately not readily available like the other tapes, but I DID find a source for the tape that is similar to what is shown in the post at uline.


It doesn't have the extra writing space up above the measurements, but it's still pretty slick.....We're going to be making it available in our online store pretty soon, too! It's so fun when other people get excited about the same things, I do! :):) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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