Monday, November 16, 2009

onE ON OnE w. moHoNk MoUNTain HouSE

I'm so excited about our workshops this Saturday at the Mohonk Mountain House. It's a destination that I LOVE because it embraces nature in all its' greatness.  The location, the programs, the rustic, relaxing vibe. Everything from the real wood burning fireplaces in the rooms, the absence of televisions in the rooms, (I know I shouldn't be advocating that since that is what I do in some respects, but it's all about 'balance' and 'moderation', right? shhhh, don't tell anyone):), afternoon teas, and the most spectacular views. 

We're joining them for their 'How-To Holidays' and sharing a couple of fun workshops with their guests.

  • Natural gift ideas that share how to create a plethora of beautiful things using only branches...everything from natural playthings to hair accessories, ornaments and jewelry. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE nature projects, and hopefully those who attend will share in the energy.

  • A colorful way to recycle by creating our one of a kind toadstools for the garden. It's a relaxing exercise in mosaic work and an enlightening, creative approach to repurposing things like wine bottles, clay saucers and broken dishes. 

All attendees will walk away with a newfound, playful appreciation for things they find on their nature walks, as well as items that get tossed in the bin.
See ya there!

Cheers to the upcoming opportunity to share ideas one-on-one!

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