Sunday, December 6, 2009

kiTscHy HolIDaY WaLL ArT

They're great fun to collect and make!  I love the look of these and like to swap out some of my other prints on the wall with these holiday versions.  A quick easy way to decorate and they cater to my love of festive little surprises scattered throughout the house.  

Look for them at flea markets and antique stores or create some for yourself.  
  • Cover the backing to your frame with desired fabric.  Be sure you have a firm, not flimsy backing as your foundation.  (can create one out of a thin wood product or just be sure it's a very durable cardboard.) I use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric, so it's adhered securely and doesn't buckle after adding your 'gems'.   A lot of the ones I find at flea markets are some sort of a velvet type fabric. 
  • Arrange found objects, old necklaces, earrings, and other novelty items into a holiday inspired design. Try a stocking, or ornament, or of course the classic tree.  
  • Adhere to your fabric covered backing using a good quality adhesive. Hot Glue works great and gives you quick grab. Weld Bond is another one that delivers success.
  • Insert back into your frame and hang proudly. Create a large grouping for a jolly ole WOW!

Make them big or way to display those loose mementos or broken bits.
Cheers to creating colorful holiday decor!

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