Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Empty out that junk drawer and go to town creating the most playful, colorful wreath ever!  I shared these on one of our past episodes of B. Original and to this day enjoy creating new ones each year.  I'm aspiring to build quite a collection so I can display a really unique, festive arrangement of wall art.   All in good time, All in good time. :):)

Start with a foam wreath with a flat back (found at any hobby shop in the floral dept)

Cut a piece of thin wood or heavy cardboard in the same shape as the wreath for a backing

Secure the two with white glue and then wrap with metallic tape.

Cover with metal pot scrubbers. Staple to the backside if using wood backing or secure to foam using two pronged floral pins dipped in glue.

Add jewelry and other found objects using large head straight pins, beads, sequins, and a bit of glue on the end to secure into the foam.

Hang proudly and enjoy!

Cheers to kitschy holidays -- my favorite!
More kitsch to come this week, so visit often!



craftybear1 said...

Is B.Original doing new episodes anymore?

Unknown said...

love this