Thursday, January 7, 2010


OK....with the oscars just around the corner and several e-mail requests re: how did she do it?!  
Thought it the perfectly appropriate time to share.  (I smile at the random things people get excited about...)  
I recently blogged about a holiday party that I had missed out on back home....along with a quick snap of the prize of the night "the golden barbie".... and have had several inquiries, so courtesy of my good 'ole Aunt DeDe...who was equally as excited to's 'how she did it....
You'll need:          

  •                         barbie doll
  •                         barbie doll stand
  •                         acrylic paint - I used Delta "Gleams" in 14K gold
  •                         small plastic baggie
  •                         painters tape
  •                         clothes pin
  •                         knitted baby bootie
  •                         fake fur scrap
  •                         hot glue

Wrap baggie around hair and tape edges of bag tight. Paint with acrylic paint and hang by hair with the clothes pin on edge of shelf or on a clothes hanger.

Paint stand.

To make dress, I used the bootie but you could use sweater material.  The bootie requires no sewing.  Cut the toe off of bootie to the desired length for dress.  Slip over Barbies head with cut edge on top.  

Hot glue fake fur (ribbon or other trim would also work)around top of dress to doll.  This keeps the knitting from unravelling.  

Decorate with yarn, pom-poms or scraps from sewing basket or pieces of broken jewelry.

Use your imagination

I used small christmas wired garland in her hair and just wrapped it around and weaved in and out.

Put her on the stand and present it proudly.

Required time to finish --- 10-15 minutes

Super Easy, everyone!!

aunt dede....

For the oscar themed parties...heck, just spray ken gold and leave him naked.  Cheers to the golden barbie!:):) ha...
...all of you who do embark on this creative adventure, please share pics! 

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