Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ThE poWeR of A saMpLE BoaRD

Even a 'jump in with both feet and go' kind of gal knows the importance of sample boards.  It sounds like a no-brainer and a given, but it's amazing how many of us (myself included) forget this one simple step that can end up sparing us a lot of time, money, frustration or disappointment.  It does make for one extra thing to do, but they're so worth the time and effort especially when you're embarking on a process that you maybe haven't tackled before.  It's an excellent way to test products and insure what you're using is going to give you the results you are wanting.  There are so many variables when it comes to doing things yourself and creative projects; the materials, the conditions, the brands, the application, the skills, etc.  The sample board gives you an opportunity to test things out before you tackle the 'original'.   It also gives you a small scale amount of 'practice' and an opportunity to get familiar with the products you're using and how you're applying them.  It's an excellent way to get your questions answered..what product to use for what, will this work, wonder what this would look like....

The sample boards themselves can then be used elsewhere...as their own work of art or as a jumping off point for another art project, so absolutely nothing, including your time, goes to waste!

Cheers to the sample board.....experiment away, my friends!

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