Thursday, February 4, 2010

sharin' my passion for nature, tools, resourcefulness, creativity and the do it yourself life...

on March 6th!   I've been wanting to do a fun filled, day long workshop for a very long time now and I'm so excited we were finally able to carve out a day to make "Branch Out" happen.   

We're only a few weeks out and the studio is starting to fill up with sticks and stones, logs and branches, interesting tools and products, finished examples, and other creative paraphernalia in preparation for the big day.  (It's a whirl of somewhat creative chaos down in the studio right now with some funny juggling and rearranging of props going on because it seems EVERYONE has things they need to be working on....Jon is in the back sawing logs, beams and 2x4's for our kitchen floor....our production van is parked in the middle of the studio....(having something 'driven' into the middle of your creative space is not very needs to find its' way back outside), me and the guys are trying to get things shot.....and the kids (joining us for their umpteenth 'snow' day) are creating forts and who knows what else in various corners..but I guess that's what a workshop/studio space is all about!  Thankfully, I have my little haven behind the house that I can retreat to once in a while to get things done in peace...)
We do still have a few spots available for people to register so if you too share a love or interest for nature, creativity and learning to do some pretty cool things yourself, click here to learn more and enroll in this upcoming workshop.  Our first one is all inclusive, so all you need to bring is you, your imagination, an enthusiasm for creative processes and eager hands.  We provide all the supplies, organic eats and beverages and a jam-packed roster of projects for you to create, take home and use.  We guarantee you'll go home with techniques and ideas that you can pull from time and time again...long AFTER the workshop is over.   Thank you to everyone who has already registered....I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you and spending the day sharing my passion 4 nature, tools, resourcefulness, creativity and the do it yourself life.   The event has even inspired me to experiment with some new project ideas that I'm anxious to throw into the mix....



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