Tuesday, April 6, 2010

carefree creating

Carefree is what creating should be about.  The joy of working with anything and everything.   Kids do it every day.  They have more fun playing around with unexpected random things than they do the 'carefully designed toy'.   And they don't really care if they 'end up with something'....they're just enjoying the moment, enjoying the process, seeing what they can come up with.  Something I know a lot of us grown up 'creators' forget sometimes.  We get too wrapped up in the 'task'....the end result...the right, the wrong...how much time it's taking...the judgment....and a lot of the time miss out on the whole carefree side of things. 
When is the last time you just 'played'? What do you have lying around?  What could you make out of it?  Even if you don't end up with anything....it's fun to just move things around, reconfigure, PLAY.....if you really look and immerse yourself in the process, I guarantee you'll end up 'seeing' something new. 

Cheers to carefree creating and MORE of it.

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