Thursday, April 29, 2010

mystery additions

Yes, I have a fascination with "character" decor, let's call it.  Portraits, mannequins, heads.....creepy to some...... personable, quirky and fun to others like myself.  I have them grouped together in various places and I've started to notice 'new additions' that I did NOT add.   For instance, this little bust of JFK (I think that's who it's supposed to be) suddenly appeared on the mantel.  

Not sure how long he's been there, or who the character is that made the contribution. Have to admit...very funny....and even though he's not exactly something I would've necessarily picked to add to the collection, I'm considering letting him hang around just because it makes me laugh.  I obviously need to keep a closer eye on my visitors not for fear of what they'll 'take', but rather what they're leaving behind. The things that make you go hmmmmmmmm?!

Anything showing up unannounced at your place?
Cheers to the unexpected.

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