Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back 2 Beige

My friend Dee will be most disappointed in me, as I reached for the beige paint can the other day. Yes, I turned our dining room/sitting area into a space with with big, beige, boring walls. Not because I'm not colorful or courageous in that area of course, but because I have too many other colorful things going on, on the walls and all around. Sometimes, you just have to go 'beige' to make it all work.
And as I painted this room, AGAIN.....I got to thinking of what makes painting a room actually fun and successful for me, personally. Most people think of painting a room as drudgery and I really think it's no big deal...just grab some paint and go.

  • The paint.
I've always been very honest about what I'm using and how I'm using it and 'not paid to promote', as they say....while at the same time, try to be considerate of all brands and such, but you know what.....I have tried every kind of paint out there and I always run back to Sherwin Williams products. It has always been the best for me. THEE best coverage and wearability. Having the right product for the job is always a good investment. And, basically I don't want to do the job 3 or 4 times to get the right results. If it looks good in one coat, I'm going to be done with the job. Curious what house paints you guys reading this always turn to. A good brush. They make all the difference between a good cutting in job and a sloppy looking one. It makes the process more enjoyable and less frustrating because the paint is easier to manage and you get it right (and only) where you want it. I've tried to scrimp and save and use the cheaper brushes before, and it's never paid off. I'm also someone who never tapes anything off, and having the right brushes makes me never regret that decision. Buy a few good brushes and take good care them. My favorite for cutting in is a 3-inch angled brush.
  • A good roller.
Pick one that has a good 'roll', extension options, a comfortable handle, is lightweight and doesn't 'squeak'.
  • Don't make it a bigger production than it needs to're just putting color on walls.
I don't move everything out of the room...but rather just enough to get it out of my 'working' way. I don't cover everything and as I mentioned above, I don't tape everything off....(I do however always take off switchplate covers and such:) I just move a heavyweight dropcloth around the room with me as I work and carefully get the job done. Just do it, as they say.
  • Versatile, easy to move ladder......
that is comfortable to climb and stand on and properly and securely houses your paint supplies.... be it your rolling pans, paint cans, rags, etc. Trying to hold and balance everything in your hands makes things more prone to accidents and sloppiness. I've always thought some sort of electronic type ladder that I could just navigate or 'drive' around the wall would be pretty slick....why hasn't someone invented something like that?
  • Do a test spot.
Be sure you're happy with the color. I'm someone who will usually say....oh, I can make that work, even if it's not exactly the way I want it, but with paint colors, I find that it's just a daily annoyance if it doesn't genuinely make you smile. Our dining/sitting room was painted this green that when it was going up, I knew it wasn't quite what I wanted, but I went with it anyway because we just needed to get it done. Well, it never really made me smile and it competed with everything I tried to put in the room or hang on was just one big distraction. And to top it off, it looked terrible on camera whenever we tried to shoot in that space. If you do get a few gallons of paint home and they're just not right, it never hurts to take them back to the paint store and see if they can deepen, lighten or alter the color slightly to suit your tastes. Some paint stores are very creative with their formulas and willing to make the effort. You're not out anything and it can sometimes save you from having to buy more gallons of paint. Otherwise you just have to suck it up, reorder and do some creative mixings with the 'wrong' paints yourself and use them in other projects. Nothing ever goes to waste.

Painting a room is really an easy task that anyone can do, and it's a quick way to freshen things up and make a change. .......

Just only go beige, if you HAVE to. :)

CHEERS to fresh paint.

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