Monday, June 7, 2010

my new love for barbed wire

I have about 1 hour of time and Zero dollars invested in a couple of pretty sweet sculptures we just created for the front yard.  

A friend of mine told me she had some barbed wire by her dumpster, thought maybe I could do something with it and when I went to check it was love at first sight.   I took one look and knew what I wanted to do.

The combination of rock and rusty metal is a nice contrast to the plants and they should easily stand the test of outdoor time.  Once I got going I had all kinds of ideas for them, so I'll be keeping my eyes wide open!  I quickly used up all the balls I had and am now hoping I stumble upon a few more down the road. 

If someone offers you barbed wire...TAKE IT!  Roll it up in a ball and get creative.  We simply drilled some holes in the limestone rocks using a hammer drill (surprisingly very easy tool to use and drilling through limestone is a cinch) and used rebar to hold things in place.  

SUPER, SUPER easy and FAST!  
Cheers to my friend Misty for having such great stuff sitting by her dumpster!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

yard games

I've always enjoyed creating games. It just naturally makes the project that much more playful. Thought I'd share one that I created several years ago so all of you could have some fun with it, too!  Having an arsenal of yard games at your disposal makes your outdoor parties that much more ENTERTAINING.

(You can adjust to make various sizes simply by using different dowel diameters and lengths....A small scale set out of bamboo skewers is another option!)  
  • For my set, I used 36" wooden dowels that are a quarter-inch in diameter. 
  • You’ll need 30 for a full set.
  • Sand down the ends so they taper to a blunt point.  If you have access to a bench sander, it will make the job even easier.  Another option is to simply whittle down the end first to shape and then hand sand. 
  • Measure up about 8 inches on each end and paint them in the appropriate colors.  To define the painted ends, go around the dowel with a woodburner. 
You’ll need:
(1)  Black
(8) Green
(7) Red
(7) Yellow
(7) Blue

  • For the storage container, I took a piece of heavy cardboard tubing, capped off the bottom with a piece of wood and decked out with visible scoring info and a playful comic strip collage!

Easy and FUN!

Cheers, and as I like to say with all game projects... "Let the Games Begin!"