Monday, June 7, 2010

my new love for barbed wire

I have about 1 hour of time and Zero dollars invested in a couple of pretty sweet sculptures we just created for the front yard.  

A friend of mine told me she had some barbed wire by her dumpster, thought maybe I could do something with it and when I went to check it was love at first sight.   I took one look and knew what I wanted to do.

The combination of rock and rusty metal is a nice contrast to the plants and they should easily stand the test of outdoor time.  Once I got going I had all kinds of ideas for them, so I'll be keeping my eyes wide open!  I quickly used up all the balls I had and am now hoping I stumble upon a few more down the road. 

If someone offers you barbed wire...TAKE IT!  Roll it up in a ball and get creative.  We simply drilled some holes in the limestone rocks using a hammer drill (surprisingly very easy tool to use and drilling through limestone is a cinch) and used rebar to hold things in place.  

SUPER, SUPER easy and FAST!  
Cheers to my friend Misty for having such great stuff sitting by her dumpster!