Friday, August 27, 2010

shout out 4 an inspiring friend's blog

I had the pleasure of meeting C. McNair Wilson a couple years ago and I can honestly say he was memorable, charming and downright inspiring.  He's a corporate creativity coach and speaker who gives one heck of an entertaining presentation!  I like to check out what he's up to on his blog every so often and I'm sure you will too.   He has some incredible stuff up there currently for all us doodle lovers!  I got to peruse through one of his sketch/doodlebooks when I met him and it was FANTASTIC.  They should be published.  

Sneak a peek here!

Cheers to the creative inspiring souls in the world and all that they do!

Friday, August 13, 2010

dropcloth decor and do it yourself magazine

It's a colorful material that gets created randomly while you work. It's an unexpected, unplanned BONUS. The designs, the color combinations, the textures.....all created without purpose, without direction.

The dropcloths that lie beneath your work can be transformed into upholstery, throw pillows, paintings, purses and more.
Launder them.
And use as you would any other material from the fabric store. Work with the designs as they are or play them up further by embellishing.
I've loved this project for years, and I'm excited to learn if others out there share an enthusiasm for these dropcloth beauties. I shared some idea starters in the latest issue of the Do It Yourself Magazine (summer 2010). (An inspiring read that is filled with creative projects front to back..pick one up today or better yet, start your subscription and get it delivered right to your house every quarter!)

Cheers to the art of repurposing!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

for no reason at all.

Ever feel like sitting down and doing something for no reason at all? Something that has no direction or purpose?  You just have an urge to go to your creative space and CREATE.  Doing something mindless ironically enough is a great exercise in helping me become more mindful. To recharge. 

One exercise I like to do every so often is to just sit down with:

  • one canvas
  • one tool (committing to only one brush or palette knife adds to the experience)
  • a big pile of paint
and to just start moving it around.  
All mixing happens on the canvas. 
Rinsing or wiping your tool now and then is optional.
Just watching colors move, intertwine and blend is mesmerizing, inspiring and uplifting.
Witnessing the textures that erupt 'feels' GREAT.
Who knows what you'll come up with....and who's the process that is the reward.  
BUT I'm willing to bet, 
you WILL end up with something that makes you smile..
you WILL end up with some sort of 'takeaway' that ends up in another it a technique, color combination, etc.
you WILL want to do this mindless, yet mindful exercise more often.  
I know I do.