Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mbctc InITiaTiVe

“cREaTiVitY/OrIGinALiTy…we all have it, it’s one thing we ALL have in common…it’s ageless, it’s timeless, it knows no gender, or race……
yet we all express it in our own unique way with results as individual as the person behind them….

I know...blah, blah, blah.....I’ve said it, I continue to say it, and I now want to see what exactly that LOOKS like when you bring it all together; and in turn, share it with the world through our various platforms. There are so many amazingly, creative people and ideas out there, and this is my heartfelt effort to capture and showcase them, in our own unique way.
Whatever creative contribution you make will be shown, heard, worn, or read in some creative way. You may see it on set, you may see it on screen, you may read about it in print or online, you may see portions of it used in photos, you may hear it being played with a project. Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes and it can range anywhere from artwork, to wearables, jewelry, music, writings, photos, ideas, home accessories, tools, techniques, etc.
You make it, we’ll take it. (Remember when we were kids and would send in our artwork or birthdate and hope the radio or tv person gives us a shout out – this is kind of like that, only bigger AND better!)
This initiative will encompass a lot of what we do, be it video projects, live events, books, magazines, television shows, studio space, interviews, etc., and will evolve over time.
It's open to anyone and everyone -- all ages, all mediums, all skill levels.
I invite each and every one of you to play along, to get involved, to participate, and to spread the word……it’s for the people, by the people..creatively speaking.

Your creative offering must accompany signed waiver and contact information for proper accreditation when used and the possibility of future story development.
Click here for paperwork
No creative contributions will be returned, only celebrated.
Your idea or contribution doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be tangible…but it does need to be expressed on something tangible.
Questions or comments can be e-mailed to:

“Talent is always conscious of its’ own abundance and does not object to sharing”…alexander solzhenitsyn

cheers to creative offerings all the way around!

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