Monday, March 1, 2010

tabletop message board

Our idea of using a dry erase or wet erase marker to label jars recently generated a lot of excitement from people, so I thought it timely to share our tabletop message board.  

It's a great way to repurpose leftover tiles and serves as double duty in the kitchen or at your desk. 

Very useful for capturing lists, ideas, supplies!

  • You'll want to work with a light colored tile that has a slick, glossy surface.

  • Add some grippers, cork feet or felt pads to the bottom four corners.
  • Flip over and it's ready to use.

  • Set out a jar or can of dry erase or wet erase markers nearby.
  • The dry erase markers wipe off easy with a dry cloth.
  • The wet erase markers are a bit more durable in that you'll need a damp cloth to clean off. (The writing won't rub off on your hands that way.)
  • The tiles clean off easily and can also be used as a trivet or a coaster.
  • They sit beautifully on a counter or tabletop!

Cheers to creative multipurpose uses!



K said...

Wonderful idea! It's exactly what I need in my crafty workspace! Thanks for posting :)

Danylle McLain said...

Love this idea! I have a box of old tile just waiting for fun ideas like this!

courage to create said...

They also make for excellent paint palettes! And since you have an entire box of them, Danylle....they also can be turned into some pretty sweet tabletop games. Add some feet and use pinstriping tape to mark out your board....then found objects, rocks, your game pieces. FUN!

Shena Meadowcroft said...

This blog just keeps getting better and better and I've only read three posts so far!!! Certainly going to be following this one - great useful and classy ideas!