Friday, August 13, 2010

dropcloth decor and do it yourself magazine

It's a colorful material that gets created randomly while you work. It's an unexpected, unplanned BONUS. The designs, the color combinations, the textures.....all created without purpose, without direction.

The dropcloths that lie beneath your work can be transformed into upholstery, throw pillows, paintings, purses and more.
Launder them.
And use as you would any other material from the fabric store. Work with the designs as they are or play them up further by embellishing.
I've loved this project for years, and I'm excited to learn if others out there share an enthusiasm for these dropcloth beauties. I shared some idea starters in the latest issue of the Do It Yourself Magazine (summer 2010). (An inspiring read that is filled with creative projects front to back..pick one up today or better yet, start your subscription and get it delivered right to your house every quarter!)

Cheers to the art of repurposing!

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