Thursday, March 19, 2009

poLiSh PaRTy

My Aunt DeDe is always looking for an excuse to throw a party and recently her and my mom threw together Polish Night for all of us to enjoy to celebrate our 'polish parts' as I like to call them. The affair was complete with polish food, music, jokes, traditions, decor, prizes, and of course, beverages!

Let me say, the food ROCKED! YUM-E
Pierogies with cabbage are my absolute fave!

The angel wings were MESSY! Everyone was sporting the tell tale signs of eating them. Can't sneak those and get away with it!

The music was less than stellar -- had my fill of the polish polka for a while!
The jokes were hilarious.

My Grandma (our polish leader) mixed up some secret polish drink concoction that she served all of us in shot glasses. It was strangely good, and no one has any idea what was in it.

My cousin angela has luck running through her polish veins because she always seems to win at the game 31, (she apparently uses her winnings to buy shoes) and she won the polish prize which was a sweet piece of pottery.

I'm not sure why we've never done it before, but I'm pretty sure we'll be doing it again! We've decided to keep partying until we've made our way around the world and back! Good Times! Do one up with your family!

Cheers! (Na zdrowie)

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