Monday, July 14, 2008

tHe PaiNt FoLLieS

I tossed, I dripped, I squeegeed, I spilled, I sprayed, I spread, I poured. I have had SO MUCH FUN with PAINT these past few weeks! There’s something very exhilarating about moving paint around freely and without restraint. I made many messes, I experimented and embraced all the random occurrences, and I totally ignored my inner critic. The focus was to just have fun manipulating and moving different paint products around on anything and everything. The colors, the textures, the unexpected combinations that occurred were liberating and refreshing. It’s a feeling that I hope gets spread from one creative soul to another through our new mBcTc W. PaInT DVD set to be released late this summer. Expressing your creative side matters and painting is a colorful way to start.


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