Monday, July 28, 2008

a SpiCy jEweL FoR yoUr KiTcHeN

Does anyone else out there like to put furnishings that are destined for particular spaces in our homes, somewhere unexpected? A chaise lounge in the kitchen, perhaps…A beauty bar in the bedroom…a tool bench in the bathroom! I must say, it’s most fun and it will keep things interesting at su casa. My most recent furniture move has been a jewelry chest.
I’ve accumulated a few of them over the years, as gifts; one that was my grandma’s, etc. and using them for jewelry has never really excited me. They’ve always been this odd, skinny piece of furniture that never seemed to look right in the bedroom, no matter how I propped it, where I put it. It was always awkward digging around trying to find the jewelry, the necklace doors never shut because everything would always get stuck in the sides…it was just kind of an irritating piece of furniture, actually. But, being someone who always has to find an interesting use for anything and everything, I was determined to find a place and use for it that I loved. I put one in my workshop a couple of years ago and it works great for storing smaller things like rivets and hardware and ironically enough, all of my jewelry ‘making’ supplies, but I had another one I needed to find a home for and I must say, this tall lanky beauty is now working beautifully in the KITCHEN! It is the perfect spice chest! The side doors with the necklace hooks work great for hanging kitchen utensils and the drawers themselves offer plentiful storage. No one needs to be checking themselves out in the kitchen, so I removed the mirror and painted it up with chalkboard paint for a convenient way to keep track of our shopping needs. This piece of furniture is now much more appreciated and used cheerfully!
Try it, You'll Like it!


Unknown said...

too cute! i love this idea and in my funky house this idea fits right in!

i can't wait to meet you at the ZNE Convenzione... i just saw on Chrysti Hydek's blog that we'll be taking the same class... looks cool! see you in Pleasanton!


Jo Bradford said...

Such a great idea - hello from Cornwall.