Friday, June 19, 2009

SaNDwiCh oF tHe sEAsoN

There is nothing more exciting (OK..maybe some things, but not many) than heading out to the garden and freshly picking what you're going to be eating for the day! Living in the midwest, I savor these summer months and get as much growing as I can possibly take care of in this short window of time. You'd be pretty tough pressed to find anything that tastes better than 'fresh from the garden'. The radishes have been bustin' out of the beds for a couple of weeks now and my steady midday staple has pretty much been the all time favorite - 'radish sandwich'. My grandpa used to make these when I was younger and they've been a favorite of mine ever since. Everyone but my dad and Madeline pretty much wrinkle their nose up at my signature offering I'm usually flying solo and only having to prepare one. How anyone can resist is beyond me....they are SIMPLY DElicious!
Throw some fresh, grainy oatmeal bread in the breadmaker, slice up some newly pulled radishes, stir up a thin spread of dill or parsely butter, Shake out a little salt with some red and black pepper....AND ENJOY!!!!! Pack 'em up in YOUR lunch, my friends!

Cheers to VEGGIE Sandwiches....little edible slices of heaven!

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