Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cre8TiV hoLiDAy REsTRaiNT

Going to be real honest here and share that surprisingly, yours truly......the gal who lives and breathes all things creative, hands-on, how-to, and do it yourself, does NOT get all that excited about holiday projects! Crazy, I know. And I always feel like I disappoint people a little bit with that because everyone expects me to be all creatively crazy with ideas and projects focused on the string of holidays coming up. Now that doesn't mean I don't dabble in things here and there, but unless it's quick, quirky or nature oriented, I don't get that jazzed about spending a ton of time and energy on holiday decor...making it or setting it about. LOVE the holidays, but my decorations are usually pretty minimal. Well, Halloween is upon us and I laugh every time someone stops by and asks when I'm going to finish putting my things out...They ARE all out, they're just subtle. They're kind of like little festive 'surprises' here and there:

Love me some Halloween art -- like a spooky portrait or two 
to throw onto the portrait wall for a short time. 

Don't like a lot of dark and creepy things around, 
but I'm drawn to having some black birds scattered about.

Love to collect pieces from local artisans.

I do love lots of pumpkins, 
but only a few are carved and the designs are simple and rustic...

And for some reason, driftwood spooky trees always make me smile.

I just like to be able to slip unique things here and there that work with what I already have going on, without having to go through all the trouble of packing/unpacking/storing a bunch of stuff that only gets used a couple weeks out of each year. Maybe it's a time thing, I don't know. Maybe it's because there's so much of it already out there. Maybe it's because it's what's 'expected' and I'm more about the unexpected. Whatever the case, I'd love to know I'm not alone. ::) ha.

(My Aunt DeDe however, LOVES halloween....she has created every costume under the sun using household items, and does all kinds of crazy stuff...This year, for her latest addition, she took a dress form, some branches, an old outfit from a garage sale, a mask, and some light up eyeballs to create "Betty") Isn't she a beaut?! :)

I may not go all out crazy for the holidays, but I sure enjoy when other people do!


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