Friday, October 9, 2009

...the pERfeCtlY, IMpeRfeCT Do It Yourself LIfe...

Greetings from the 2nd floor at 408 Grant, overlooking beautiful downtown Van Meter. The brownstone's a buzzin' with episodes, short-forms, writings, ideas, projects, events, products... and a few fruit flies. All the activity as of late has left me with periodic feelings of living a double life, only instead of worrying about getting caught, I'm diligently working to get the two to outwardly coexist harmoniously and authentically. My earthy, nature oriented side is getting full play with all our b. organic goodness, but then there's also my unconventional, free spirit side that likes to break the rules, experiment, and follow no one when it comes to anything creative, DIY, or home redo oriented, who also has to show up for things. As much as there is synergy with the two, the two sides can sometimes be at odds, and it's my job to make sure the new messages, ideas and products enhance one another, not contradict. For example, I may be faced with the less than environmentally-friendly product or material needed to get the creative job done, or I continue to drive an SUV because that is what I presently need to support the people, supplies and materials I'm having to haul around on a daily basis to do my job. In other words, I'm on the same journey as everyone else and embracing it all with a realistic, practical mindset and sharing the discoveries every step of the way. I too attempt to do the best with what I have available to me at the current time and figure out which alternative actions I can adopt. I search for new products and experiment to see if there are better options for the creative projects; I fill my car with E-85 fuel and don't make unnecessary trips or pool up with others when I can until I can make the swap to something 'better'. Nothing is perfect, and there are so many things that come into play that determine how far we're able to go with anything, including being "green"; situations, finances, responsibilities, lifestyle, etc. I've never been an all or nothing kind of gal because it's what lies between the two that's real, genuine and natural and that's what our practical use of the word organic is refreshingly all about. As my creative world intertwines with an even deeper engagement with the environmentally friendly world, the commonalities are becoming louder and prouder every day, bringing it all together. One of them being, there isn't only one, right way...there are many ways, many ideas and many options. Another, is that the do it yourself lifestyle, is in and of itself, self-sustaining, creative, resourceful, organic, and naturally good. And that, my friends has been my message from the beginning, and will continue to be so in everything we put out there.

cheers to the do it yourself life!

(an excerpt from the 10/9/09 smi newsletter) to view click here

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