Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nEW aDDitiOns To mY WaLL oF pERsonALIty

One of my favorite ongoing collections is my family of portraits. I've been picking up portraits from flea markets, garage sales, artisan friends, and family basements for quite a while now and I'm always excited when I get to make new additions. Some of my favorite pieces are those done by family and friends. Some are rough sketches and some aren't even finished....works in progress...just like all of us....

My latest additions I scored, were from my Grandma over the weekend. She purchased some sort of 'art lessons by mail' in the early '90's and played with it for a while and then sadly after my grandpa passed away, it all got packed up in a box and shoved in the attic for the past several years. Well, thankfully, she's pulled it all out and will hopefully start getting back at things! I think it will truly add some additional joy to her days! She begrudgingly gave me some of her sketch exercises I was excited about and told me not to show them to anyone! (sorry, Grandma....love 'em because you did them with your hands and I'll be proudly framing them up and adding them to my expanding wall of personality)

My Grandma's Self Sketch

Love that she sketched a collie! Our new pup, Junie B. is a collie.

Savanna High School...where I went to school

My Grandpa's profile

Random Woman

My cousin Brandon's self-portrait work from high school..

My Aunt Kathy did this one of me when I was little.

work by 'joy'...an anonymous artist that I've found quite a few random pieces from at a flea market by my parent's house.....
Sanford's my fave! him and I share a few interests! :):)

Have no idea what drew me to this one, but it sat in an antique store for years and about the 5th time I visited, I noticed someone had taken the effort to put a frame around it, so I dropped my $20 and brought him home to meet the others! It's always good to throw a little "crazy" into the mix!

Would LOVE to know who this is on their wedding day, and why someone would ever get rid of it!

The woman in this painting reminds me of my great grandma.

A familiar face from childhood, maybe?!

Sad and melancholy, but there was something about her....

Some colorful, big eyed gals from artist Christy Hydek (Art by Chrysti) excited and ready to join the gang!

Each and every one I pick up has something special about it. It makes for an interesting display when you group them altogether, and they always make me smile. It's intriguing to think of the different minds, eyes and hands that were behind each of them; the process, who the subject is and why they chose them, why they were discarded and the journey they took before they ended up in junk stores and flea markets, was the person who painted them happy with their work, how many other portraits do these different 'artists' have out there, what's the 'personality' behind the 'personality'?!?! They're true treasures and a collection that will never be complete. One can never be alone with a family of faces to look over them. They're quiet, yet always there for ya, and since I don't know the stories behind most of them, I just make up a few colorful tales of my own!

Cheers to all the personalities behind these personable works of art! Thank you....I love them all!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! What a fabulous, uber-interesting wall. May I steal the sanford portrait - it rocks!

I can't believe I never thought of this, and I am honored to have some of my gals be amoung these!

Thanks so much for sharing!

TZ in AZ said...

This wall is so cool AND it brings so many other ideas for representations of loved ones... thank you

Anonymous said...

You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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