Thursday, February 18, 2010

handspun gift

'not on one strand are all life's jewels strung'....william morris

Chad from our office stopped by the studio this past weekend to whip up a 'valentine' for his wife Cortney.  She had given him a few 'suggestions', so he brought with him his 'raw, rock style' birthstones and just let whatever creatively  happens, happen.  He discovered that raw birthstones were either hard to find or very expensive, so his 'stones' were scored off of broken necklaces from a bead shop.  I'm sure that 'jar of broken goodies' at the store isn't sought after by too many customers, but if you're in search of something raw and irregular, it's a good place to look!
It was fun to watch him use our solder stones technique and turn out a couple of 'sweet' jewelry pieces for her in a short amount of time.


Cheers to a handspun, creative gift!  Wear 'em proudly, Cort!



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