Wednesday, February 3, 2010

spRInG w. DIY MaGazINe

Proof that time slips by entirely too fast because it seems like we just got done shooting with these guys...only it was a couple of months ago already!  The spring issue of the Do It Yourself Magazine just hit the stands and it has loads and loads of fun, creative ideas for you guys to grab hold of and make your own.  Pick one up or check them out online. These gals and guys work hard to fill the pages with a variety of innovative things you can do yourself. I shared my enthusiasm for the hollow core door canvases in this issue and hopefully everyone will now look at those drab doors with fresh eyes before ever tossing them to the curb.   It's an exciting way to repurpose, and they do make the most magnificent, versatile surfaces for just about any type of art application. They are an inexpensive alternative to traditional canvases, they have a nice deep edge and they're lightweight to hang.  Bi-fold closet doors, interior doors....they're available in various widths.....and you can use them in their entirety for a LARGE canvas or cut them down into the desired sizes.  You can repurpose them out of your own home, pick them up at places like the REstore or, even buying them new is VERY economical as opposed to the cost of traditional canvases of that size.  They're literally the cheapest kind of doors you can buy.   We share the how to in the pages of the magazine as well as some different techniques for you to can also get a glimpse of the process in action through one of our video quickies available online at project is titled "wall art from an old door".
Yesterday marked another fun day with the gang from the magazine, only this time we spent the afternoon in our bathroom sharing another fun idea for people to play with..... do it yourself vanities.   It's exciting to take your passions or collections and transform them into functional home decor so you're surrounded by what you love.  I LOVE old toolbenches and they're a bit part of what I do for a living, so we took one from an old school shop class, cut it in half and turned it into his/her vanities.  It's a daily reminder of my love for how-to, tools and salvaged materials in a very UNEXPECTED place. And, it's a truly SIMPLE project that anyone can do or replicate with just about any piece of furniture.   The how-to lowdown will be available in their next issue, as well as online through our video quickies and in an upcoming episode of b. organic.   In the meantime, if you're in need of a vanity...this will give you something to think about that may steer you in the repurposing direction instead of relying on the standard fare available at home improvement stores.

When you do things yourself, you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.....and I LOVE THAT!

Cheers to sharing ideas and a shout of kudos to a great magazine for creative, do it yourself enthusiasts everywhere!

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Great home goods ideas! I have been blogging my home design projects  on  What do you suggest using for home decor?